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Organic & Fairtrade St Just Coffee

We've travelled the high seas and adventured afar to bring you the very best Organic & Fairtrade beans for your coffee. St Just is an uplifting blend specially created to fuel you on your daily life adventures.

We are proud to go the extra mile to ensure each cup of St Just is made using Organic & Fairtrade coffee beans making each cup taste even better and to revive both body and mind.

St Just takeaway coffee St Just drink in cofee cup

About our illustrations

A design fusion between award winning design agency 93ft & illustrator Paul Thurlby

The two design forces joined together to create the story of St Just. Creating a story board that took the World famous West Cornwall Pasty Co's pirate on an adventure on the high seas which would lead to the discovery of St Just Organic & Fairtrade Coffee beans.

With a little help from 93ft, our pirate hero navigates choppy seas, dangerous seas monsters, ferocious storms and brushes with death and destruction. Cornish through and through however, the Pirate remains un-fazed and staunch in his determination to share the wonder of St Just Organic Coffee and is rewarded with visions of beauty and other-worldliness to help him to complete his journey.

Escalating Success

The pirate's adventure mirrors the journey of discovery and escalating success that has made WCPCo into one of the UK's most innovative and progressive high street names. The launch of St Just Organic & Fairtrade Coffee into the WCPCo's estate is testament to our brand's dedication to ensure lifestyle choice meets with quality in an uncompromised union.

Our decision to work with an illustrator who has created each illustration by hand also reflects our passion and pride to make each St Just Coffee by hand. Our commitment to fresh, great tasting coffee means our team are Barista trained, meaning each coffee is made bespoke for you, each time. St Just Organic & Fairtrade Coffee means a vibrant addition to your day on your daily life adventures!

The Artist

Paul Thurlby Signature

You might have seen Paul's distinctive style as you've flicked through the pages of The Guardian, It's Nice That, USA Today, Vanity Fair, The Times, The Independent and The New Yorker. Plus you may have spotted him working for well known brands such as Pimm's, The French Tourist Board, Nokia, Ted Baker, The Southbank Centre London and The Bank of England.

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